— Travel into the faith, Galiza, Astúrias e Cantábria


18th to 22nd of August 2020

4 nights program: night in Santiago + 3 nights in Garabandal

OPorto ( departure) - Santiago de Compostela - Oviedo - Covadonga -Liebana e Potes - Garabandal - Burgos - Porto ( arrival)

— Timetable  —

Beginning of the journey: 09:00 am, 18th August 2020, Porto-Campanhã Train station, Porto, Portugal.

End of the journey: 7:00 pm, on 22nd of August 2020, Porto-Campanhã Train station, Porto, Portugal.

Transfer Lisbon -OPorto/ OPorto -Lisbon: Not included in the price.

To make a transfer from Lisbon to Porto we recommend the option of the train (train) to the campanhã train station in Porto. The bus departure will take place at campanhã train station in OPorto city.

Santiago de Compostela

Land of the Apostle St. James

At the beginning of our journey, we will leave the Porto-Campanhã station, in the city of Porto, towards Santiago de Compostela where we will arrive around noon. It is in this beautiful city of Galicia, where one of Jesus Christ's favorite apostles, James, lies.

After lunch at the hotel, we will visit the Cathedral where we will later attend a special pilgrim Mass. During this visit to the Cathedral, we will visit the tomb of Santiago and give a hug of faith to the apostle of Christ.

We will also take a guided tour of the city, the old historic area of the city.

There will also be some free time for everyone to enjoy this beautiful city.

Then, at the end of the day, we return to the hotel for dinner and rest.

— Oviedo

Capital of Astúrias

We will leave Santiago de Compostela early in the morning to Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. In this beautiful and charming city, we will take a guided tour of its main historical monument, the Cathedral of Santiago and its museum. In this museum, we will visit one of the most important treasures that are kept in this place, the Shroud of the face of Christ as well as other priceless relics.

After this visit that will fill our "soul", we will have lunch at a restaurant located in the historic area of Oviedo and its cathedral.

After lunch, we will depart for the Cantabrian mountains to the village of San Sebastián de Garabandal, where there is a Marian sanctuary, one of the best preserved today. This is a place that no one will be indifferent to. This place offers us the peace of body and soul like no other place.


Paradise in Earth

Aldeia de Garabandal
Aldeia de Garabandal
Igreja paroquial de Garabandal
Igreja paroquial de Garabandal
Indicação do caminho do Rosário que nos leva ao cimo da montanha
Indicação do caminho do Rosário que nos leva ao cimo da montanha
"Pinos" no cimo da montanha
"Pinos" no cimo da montanha

During the time we stayed in Garabandal (3 nights' stay), we will visit the main places where the apparitions took place (the place where the Angel S. Miguel first appeared, Our Lady's first appearance, the "pins", one of the places most important of these events and where the Garabandal Miracle will occur in the future.

We will speak with witnesses of the events, like Maximina who is Aunt Madrinha de Conchita. We will participate in the Mass and daily rosary.

We will take the Rosario path, a path with more than 2 hours of travel, going up the mountain and contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary.

At the beginning of the night, we will perform a cantata to Nossa Senhora do Carmo de Garabandal, on the "pins" that is on the top of the mountain overlooking the village. Unique moment! We will also kiss the greatest relic of the Church of Garabandal: a cross that was kissed by Our Lady during the time of the apparitions.

We will place all our particular intentions on Nossa Senhora do Carmo de Garabandal. These requests will be placed on the Altar during the time of Eucharistic Adoration or Holy Mass.

— Covadonga e Mosteiro de Santo Turíbio ( Liebana) —

Mountains of Pena Sacra

Mosteiro de santo Toribio
Mosteiro de santo Toribio
Capela de Covadonga
Capela de Covadonga
Nossa Senhora de Covadonga
Nossa Senhora de Covadonga
Vista de Covadonga
Vista de Covadonga

During the time we are staying in Garabandal, we will spend one of the three days to visit the Sanctuary of Covadonga and Santo Turíbio de Liebana, a Franciscan monastery that holds the largest piece of Lignum Crucis, a piece on the right side of the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified.

It is one of the largest relics in the world still in existence. The purpose of the retreat is to understand the word and message of Garabandal, with moments of personal reflection, prayer, Adoration of the Most Holy. It will be a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

The sanctuary of Covadonga, is a place of charm and Spiritual peace. It was here that in the 8th century, the time of Christian reconquest in Europe and the Iberian peninsula began. We will visit the main places of these wonderful places, such as the Covadonga Chapel, made in the mountain stone, as well as its Cathedral.

We will stay in Garabandal for three nights.

— Burgos —

Gothic Cathedral City

After our stay in Garabandal, we will depart for Burgos, a famous Spanish city known for its famous Gothic Cathedral.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, the magnificent Cathedral of Burgos is undoubtedly one of its identity seals. It was built by King Fernando III, O Santo and being the head of the dioceses, Bishop Don Mauricio, began to build and, in 1221. Since then and up to the present time, it has undergone multiple modifications that have made it one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the world. Inside we can find pieces of great value.

In this city, we will visit its Cathedral and the museum of great heritage of sacred art.

After this visit, we will have lunch at the local hotel.

After lunch, we will continue to Porto-Campanhã where our itinerary will end.


Unbeatable prices and services


Included in the price per person is transportation by coach of maximum comfort during the schedule and schedule of the entire trip.

The Lisbon-Porto and Porto-Lisbon transfer service is not included.

The price of air tickets is not included, which will be the responsibility of each traveler who needs an air ticket to reach the departure point of the trip.

It does not include any cost of transportation outside the time and route of the land trip.

Full meal

Included is full board accommodation, which includes breakfast (breakfast), lunch and dinner at hotels during the journey and times of the land trip.

Lunches to be held between destinations and times of the land trip are also included in the price per person.

Meals are included with water and wine from the menus presented by each hotel.

It does not include consumption of drinks or food outside the program of the presented menus, which will have to be paid by the traveler.

The dinner on the 22nd of August is not included since the land trip ends in the late afternoon of that day.

Extra accommodations and meals are not included outside the travel time and route.


Entrance fees for the trip are included. The museums we are going to visit are as follows:

- Museum of the Cathedral of Oviedo

- Burgos Cathedral Museum

Multi-language guide

The guide in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French is included.

The trip is organized by our team and with people who know the route and history of all the places to visit.

On the trip, in addition to visiting the sites, it is important for us to strengthen and deepen the Catholic faith. Therefore, the guide will be based on the teachings of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.


The person's identification badge for this trip is included.

Bagage service

Travel insurance is not included. It is the responsibility of each person to take their luggage to the hotel room and to the bus.

Religious services

Daily Holy Mass (depending on available times) and daily prayers are ensured on our trips.

We will provide free time for people so that they can make confessions and personal promises made to the saints of the places where we pass.


Travel insurance is not included in the price per person. Only travel insurance on the bus is included.

Travel insurance is mandatory and must be purchased by the traveler prior to his / her journey to start the pilgrimage. Each person enrolled in the trip must present proof of travel insurance. If you need assistance with purchasing travel insurance, please speak to us.

Objetos pessoais

The cost associated with the loss of personal objects or identification documents such as passports or citizen's card are not included in the price per person.


A trip with maximum comfort

We have a modern and comfortable 55-seat bus, equipped with all the requirements of quality, safety and comfort.

The bus is equipped with air conditioning, television, music player, top quality upholstery.

The bus has wifi within the territory of Portugal. The maximum capacity will be 2/3 in order to respect the safety and public health margins due to COVID-19.


Superior category hotels

All our hotels are properly selected taking into account the quality of accommodation and food.

The range of hotels is four stars or three stars higher. The only exception will be in the village of Garabandal where there are no hotels of this category and we will have to stay in local accommodations in this village located on the mountain.

The location of the hotels is also a very important factor for us, so all of our hotels are located close to the main places to visit.

The list of hotels will be made available to each person as soon as the registration period is confirmed.



Price per person - Double or triple room

Transport, full meal, accommodation, museum tickets.

€ 550

Price per person - Individual room

Transport, full meal, accommodation, museum tickets.

€ 750


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